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BAD unfair REVIEW from a customer unfamiliarised with the platform

Hi there community ! Im reaching out to your suggestions about an issue Im having with an order review. I received an ufair bad 1 star review, because the customer was unfamiliarised with the usage of the platform - so never even send the order to revision - despite this fact I do was working on revisions, so we have been working great I was looking forward for the latest corrections but in the mean time the order was automatically marked as complete. The last message from the client was “ill get back to you with comments”. Apparently when she went back she saw this, and directly rated the order, she never even message me back - I was still waiting. So there was no much I could have done. In fact, the review she left says “the work was not finished and the order was marked as complete”. What can I do about this?
I have had only good experiences so far so its really unfair to be caught up in this situation.
Appreciate your comments :slight_smile:

You can’t do anything about it.

Write a response under the review explaining your side of the story.

This is partly why I don’t care about Levels. Buyers can be in the wrong, yet we have to pay the price with our ratings. Honestly, don’t worry about it. I don’t have a level and I still get orders. It’s not as important as a lot of sellers make it out to be.


You do know you could prevent that, right?

Every time when that happens and I know we were still working on the order, I open my fiverr app right away and just dropping a simple message along the lines “hey, I see our order got autocompleted but no worries, you still have x revisions included and bla bla bla”

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Great idea! The buyer would appreciate that courtesy even if they didn’t end up needing it.