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Bad Week! Scammers!

I am just having a terrible week with these buyers thinking about shutting down one of my Gigs. A buyer contacted me this morning and asked if my basic included four panel programs I said yes. The buyer placed the order and proceeded to send me an eleven page document that she now wants me to fit into four pages. I am just tired!! I sent her a message to let her know the content will not be able to fit in a four page panel. No response yet. She booked my standard gig for 4 panels and not my premium that offers eight and more.

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Can you send her the extra fee for that? Send her an extra. Let her know that otherwise you will need to cancel.


She just message me with a very rude tone saying if I cant get it to work she will have to cancel. I message her back saying lets cancel

Some people just don’t have any sense of proportions. They’ll just send you half a book of content and then go “oh, it’s for a postcard, it’ll be readable, right?” I’d cancel this one, too.

Yes!! One “recruiter” supposedly from a high status company randomly tried to hire me for their company. They tried to get me to email them outside of fiverr (against tos) but even then the email they sent me was fake

These ppl are something else…………

Just wasn’t worth the headache……….what made me a little frustrated is that the buyer contacted me before placing order and I explained the gig and what I was offering.

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Don’t tell me you tried to answer? Please be aware these are always a type of scam attempt, aside from being against terms of service.

for a sec I forgot it was against the terms of service. I knew to be careful though; I googled the address to see if it was actually part of the company or not…it wasn’t. I’m a new seller and that was my first ever scam attempt


I think Good New Seller with several order often get scam buyer like this.
I suspect other competitor want to reduce competition.
Once i got scam buyer too, but after gaining level, this never happen again.
I hope soo.