Bad Work For Paying Customers


I am a customer who regularly will order a new logo, or banner and have thoughts of hiring someone for web site work, ect ect. I have placed 3 orders this month and each order I placed I emailed stating if good work, id purchase more and tip, ect. $5 isn’t enough pay for good work, but I feel is a good base to get someone who wants extra work going.,

Each order for $5 I suggested this, and each person did their logo or job and it came back looking like a 5 year old did it. Horrible,. I give up on this site. I’ll take my time, money and business elsewhere.


Go elsewhere, pay $5 and I’m sure the quality will be no better.


there is a guy who builds fantastic Logos for 5 dollars… you need to wait a few 22 days for that though, trust me guys you can find really good quality web 2.0 logos for a fiverr in fiverr ;p


it is a pitty i cannot advertise his name…a hint i hope the sheriff won’t notice… he is Italian top rated, the best 5 dollars spent in your life!