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Badges - Can the Code be Put in Email Signature Line?


Does anyone have experience with this?

I am growing my business - so an established website and blog

with a huge following is not an option yet for me to use the badge

to attract more business.

Can the badge code be added as a link

in the Signature line of emails?

I am not tech savvy, but I am not sure why

we should not be able to advertise our

business everytime we send an email.

Emails are sent daily.

If this works, can someone tell me how to

get it to work in an email link. I just

tested it without any luck.

Fiverr - if the current badge code only works

for websites and blogs - can you create one

for email signatures/

With a mailing list to subscribers for a

newsletter - this option would be terrific

Thanks. Can anyone help with this?


Hello ma’am,

Since your Fiverr badge actually points to your Fiverr profile you can simply append your Fiverr profile link which is as a signature for your e-mail.


Technically it’s just HTML code as far as I know, so you used an HTML editor to make some kind of email template that might work. Someone that knows more about code would have to go from there.

You could always create your own signature if you want the look of the whole badge. This is low tech and I am positive there is a better way, but you could copy the image for the badge. Paste it into your email signature field, make it hyperlink back to your Fiverr profile and add whatever text you want. I don’t really suggest doing it that way since there is bound to be a much better way, but it’s all I’ve got.


Thank you for your response - I will definitely try your idea,


Reply to @zarafal

I believe your idea is what first came to mind. Let me try this plus the other option suggested by fonthaunt - I will test both ideas. Thanks to both of you!

Feb 13 2015:


Reply to @whitesandybeach: You are most welcome ma’am. :slight_smile: