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Badly need your help

Hi guys!
One of my clients placed an order 4 days ago without contacted me first it. So his work was a little heavy for one day. I did inform him and he agreed to extend the time as long as I need. Then I sent a 3 days extension request which will expire today but he went offline right away and never came back online. I have contacted the support but I doubt they can give me a solution in time.
Now I am asking for your help regarding the problem. What should I do? How I can handle the situation without affecting my on-time delivery %?
Thanks for your kind help!


An incomplete delivery is a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service.


yes it’s true also …

You should not suggest this to any one if you know its true !
he might get in trouble if buyers opens ticket about incomplete delivery !

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Project is complete and requested 3 days extension also will run out in 5 hours. I want to know, if I submit the project within 5 hours, will it affect my delivery percentage, since client hasn’t accepted it yet? I’m just confused about what should I do. How to avoid this situation.

If buyer wont accept your request, your delivery will be considered as late and will affect your Delivery percentages !

If the buyer does not accept the file even after you have delivered it, your delivery will probably be considered late.

Now You are in trouble

You have things to do

  • cancel the order.

  • complete project delivered late!

Both sides you are effected!

I am going to deliver it now. Is it possible that he will be able to accept it even after my delivery?

Yes ! he can…and even if he don’t respond , your order will be completed automatically after 3 days !
Dont cancel order…just share new extension request of 6 days and deliver final delivery too !

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Thank you and I don’t want to cancel this order. It took at lease 10 hours of my.