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Badly waiting for my 1st sell

it’s already 2month but I dodn’t get my 1st order…


How many gigs have u created?

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Don’t just wait!

This will help you


i have created already 5 gigs

thank you soo much for your help

Be patient and Send buyer request everyday. It will help you to get order. Share your services on social media like twitter, LinkedIn etc.

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already 290 sent offer done & today it will be 300

Be patient, when you are sending buyer request try to remember some important points- don’t copy and paste same request to every buyer, try to send as soon as possible when the offer sent is 0, talk about the solutions of client problem don’t talk much about you, try to make it short as much as possible. They don’t have enough time to read a big essay.



Creating multiple gigs doesn’t make sales more likely.

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thank you for your sugession brother

what should i do tell me ?

Goodness you’re bossy and rude and entitled. Didn’t even say please.

I give loads of advice on the forum and there are thousands of resources online about sales and marketplaces.

Take initiative and research instead of asking me to hand you a solution. That’s lazy and ignorant.


ha ha im just asking you to help me & give me advice

No you told me to give you a solution.

If you think it’s funny that you’re making yourself look lazy and bossy and not getting sales, then “Ha ha” away.


ok thank you soo much for your advice

These articles may help you


That’s not my point… I am asking him a question why are u being defensive. Chill!

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How is that pertinent to this topic then, if that’s not what you meant?

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There is no point in making one gig and sitting idol. U need to experiment and try in different subcategories. It involves lot of research and trial and error to find ur ideal gig as well. That way u can narrow down on what is most popular based on gigs with more views and then stream line into a sub category which really is in demand.

I did the same thing. I ventured into different sub category of my field and made 4-5 gigs and then started improving on the title and description and video of the gigs which were getting more engagment or demand.

That’s my approach…

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