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Badly written Web Text

How is it possible that a gig advertising writing skills for web pages has so called writing experts that have no command of the English language. I requested a article to be written the language was clearly not written by an English speaking writer, this writer then argued with me in broken English when i asked for it to be written by a English speaking person. how can this happen that money can be taken for absolute rubbish.

Hey Pete,

Unfortunately, you can’t rely on all sellers here. Make sure to contact a seller before purchase or scan trough their description when it comes to writing gigs. Aim for sellers with higher levels for better quality and 97%+ rating.

You`ll either find satisfactory seller or gem around here, that’s for sure.


Agreed with @kreativa 's comment. I would definitely request a refund and then change the way I vet my sellers. Kreativa’s suggestion of contacting a seller before ordering is a good one. This will verify their communication skills are up to par.

Good luck in your future endeavors!

As a writer on Fiverr who often browses the writing section, I can tell you there are so many rip-off merchants operating within it that it’s worrying. There are so many stolen gig descriptions, false profiles and fake pictures that people must be getting scammed left, right and center.

Every day there are new profiles opening up under a name like “seoarticleUSA”, with a young girl as the main image and a description taken from another seller. It’s clear that these users have a poor grasp of the English language at best going by their responses to feedback, yet claim to be college educated in journalism or something similar.

They might be outsourcing, and you got one of their bad writers. I know I’ve done outsource work for a few fiverr sellers here, and I knew they made money with my work by telling people it was theirs. Eventually I got pissed with their attitude and tight leash, so I quit. But that might be the case of your seller - someone who is re-selling content at a higher price.

Also going to have to agree with @sara1984. There are a lot of writing gigs that, to me, look like huge scams. I read the same descriptions and they’re IN broken English. I don’t know why someone would purchase an English article from someone who couldn’t even get their gig text written correctly.

I am amazed the number of sales some sellers, whose gig descriptions are almost unintelligible. I agree with @levinewman - the gigs do look like scams although at least they are obvious about it. What would worry me is buying from someone who has potentially stolen a good gig description but actually can’t speak much English.

I think the forums are often very telling of who actually has a good grasp of the English language if you are looking for sellers in future.

When it comes to English related gigs I’d recommend contacting them before hand just to have a little discussion. A lot of non-native English speakers /think/ that they speak good English, when they really don’t.


academictext said: I am amazed the number of sales some sellers, whose gig descriptions are almost unintelligible.

I know, right? "buy my super logo gig & u will very happy with profisnal design..!!"

Always contact them beforehand. My gig specifically asks potential buyers to contact me before a purchase; this is mostly so that I can guarantee that I understand what they want done, but it’s also a good way for them to make sure that I am the writer they want to hire.

Another thing you can do is ask for samples. I’m more than happy to send a PDF of samples to potential buyers. If the writing in the samples doesn’t match the writing on their gig, it’s a good indication that something doesn’t add up.

At the end of the day, the market (you and I) will pick the winners and losers. So anyone who claims they can do something they clearly can’t will end up suffering.

If your seller does a horrible job and refuses a revision, demand a cancellation, if he refuses, leave a bad review. But act quick, buyer, don’t wait 2-days, don’t think it over, your seller made an effort to deliver on time, the least you can do is respond on time.

Reply to @omniversal:

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I’ve only been on fiverr for just under a week, but scanning through some of the other writing gigs I have noticed that a lot of them look like scams. I think it is definitely important to contact the seller before placing your order to make sure they actually have a good command of the english language.

You can also generally tell from the profile when they are not a native english speaker, but it does baffle me how some of the poorly written profiles seem to have so many orders and positive reviews.

Reply to @kellydh:

So, you’re a writer too?

Must…resist urge… to destroy rival…

No, seriously, good luck with your gig. :slight_smile:

I can only guess that there are lots of non-native English speakers buying these articles, who can’t always tell they’re grammatically poor.