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Bait and Switch-dishonesty


There must be a misunderstanding on SOME buyer’s part here, sorry to say. I am a seller and i get the same comment sometimes. There is a gig option where we can have 3 separate packages and pricing varies on different packages e.g. basic $5, standard $10, premium $15. There is a written description and scope of the services in each of the packages, pretty sure a buyer will only contact the seller if he/she needs MORE than what the packages offer and that means another level of complexity, that means another level of pricing.


I’m surprised to hear about this. I try to keep my pricing very straightforward, so it’s easy to explain how I calculated my quote.

As a seller, sometimes I encounter the opposite kind of situation, where a potential buyer messages me to talk about their project, and then they act shocked when I quote them the exact same prices that are laid out in my gig descriptions. It’s as if they think that I just made those prices up and I really charge much less than advertised. People can be funny, huh?