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Bait and switch?

As a buyer I’ve been trawling through offers and am surprised to come across a few which say that they have no $5 gigs and their minimum price is $25 or even $50. Is this allowed on Fiverr? Surely they should have to offer something for $5, to fulfil the ethos of the site?


Hi and welcome.

This seems to be a growing issue. I have seen and reported Sellers that have the “I will do something for $5” gig title where the gig description goes on to clearly state that to “do something” is 5 gigs or more. I saw one that says for 15 gigs!

This does not follow the Fiverr model of offering something (and delivering it) for $5.

If they do not have a legitimate $5 offer please report them to support:

Yes, report them. I have seen some gigs that offer for $5 a 30 second draft only. To go final it would be big bucks. But the point is, he did offer something for $5 and that should be the case for every gig on Fiverr.