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Bait and Switch


I’ve worked with some great graphic designers on FIVERR, but lately I’ve run into some that were more than unethical. They claim that they will do “x” design work to your satisfaction. They claim incredible turnaround times, and unlimited edits. The work they display is impeccable and shows that they obviously know what they are doing. When I purchase their gig (or my spouse does), you receive a message stating that what you are asking for will cost $50, not $5. That or I find out that the $5 I just spent was for an introduction to their design service.

I don’t mind spending extra money on a GIG if I feel that the work is excessive. I believe that it is only fair that we pay for the services we receive, but when someone spells out their service with the intent of charging far more I get a little upset. How do we inform FIVERR of such practices and how do we send out a “buyer beware”.


Reply to @throttled829: I’m not stubborn I’m just defending myself I did not work this much to get here only to get pushed around for something that does not reflect the truth. I’m sorry but by the way you aproached it, it looks like you really dont know what I was talking about. No disrespect but it is what it is.

By chance I did click on your username and looked at what you offer since you mentioned you are a graphic designer aswel and boy did I have what to see.

You offer 2 gigs - video reveals

Refering to the first one with the bowling ball. You use a template for that video reveal, only work done is adding a phrase literally typing it and that is it, the template does everything else. 10 min for $5

You go then and add an extra of $10 that requires a vector format of the logo (how convenient) another 5 to 10 minutes to place the logo in the right layer and the template does the work.

So now you have $15 for roughly 10 - 25 minutes of work.

And where the buyer does not have a Vector version for it you take an image add it to a premade rectangle. Literally, crop the image, copy it and paste it into the right layer and write some text underneath it which is embossed by automation by that Reveal Template another 10 min.

  • some more extras that make no sense

    So you ask $15 - $35 for let’s round it up roughly for 40 min of work with graphics that are poorly rendered and look outdated only for the persons that purchases them to realise it sooner or later when someone will point those aspects to them that it is something that would have worked in 97. And later on maybe someone will show them that they could have purchased jaw droping template revealers for $5 - $10+ a piece, on sites that offer this kind of stuff specificly, and another $5 or $10 to have someone working with adobe after effects on fiverr and add in the vector logo for you which can take 10 - 15 20 minutes with complications.

    In addition to that you ask 20 more for “Custom work 1” and “Custom Work 2” what do those represent ?

    Do you call all this honest ? Do you tell this stuff to your customers ? I think we both know the answer to that question.

    Really ? please take care of your own backyard before you point fingers at someone elses.

    No pun or disrespect intended it just is what it is.


Reply to @robinfg: I am going to add that I also extend my delivery deadlines if I will be away a short time and I do not pause my gigs unless I will be away an uncertain time or a long time. If my normal delivery time is 3 days and I will be away for 3 days, I can set my delivery time to 7 days, answer messages by mobile phone but not actually start the work until I return, and still be done a day before the deadline.

Before you need to ask why not pause instead, that is Fiverr’s fault. When you suspend your gigs or go on Vacation Mode for more than about a day, your gigs are typically dropped completely out of the usual Fiverr search. When you turn your gigs back on after a brief suspension, it can take weeks for your gigs to show up in search again and longer for them to move up the chain to where they were.

Some people have found their gigs never get re-added to search and have to submit a ticket asking for it. This shouldn’t happen and is quite silly. If you are on Vacation Mode, your gigs should stay in their normal search location. If buyer clicks on them they will see you are away. Most will still choose another seller who is not away which is entirely fine. Fiverr should not penalize sellers for needing to use VM, but they do.

(I do think that @radugeorgescu needs an accurate explanation of what buyers get for exactly $5. I just don’t think the timing had much to do with the scenario the buyer complained about.)


Reply to @radugeorgescu: Can you make a label for me that only costs $5?

Yes or no.

If yes, please give me an idea of what you can do in the 30 minutes you’ve mentioned.

If no…


As far as Terms of Service go, FIverr’s is short and clear:


You’re being very stubborn about this.

I am very much aware of how custom work gets done and how what a customer wants can make a difference.

As a designer myself, you aren’t telling me anything I don’t already know. I am capable of giving my customers an idea of what their design needs to be if they only want to spend $5 though. That is the difference and you are choosing not to acknowledge that.


Reply to @itsyourthing: Now I am “suffering” from denial aswel. What’s next you call me crazy ? You are a creative writer, I was expecting more.

But what about the fact that I managed to offer my services to 2000+ so far and still offering my services as we speak, click on my username check the work I put behind my services and customer opinion, that means nothing to you right ? I see how it wouldn’t as it does not work in your advantage in this case.

"You defensively accuse others of exactly what you have been doing and when literal, written facts are presented to you, e.g., specific Fiverr Terms of Service, you plead ignorance, challenge and then repeat your chant."

What’s with the ToS, we go again that path ? it will only endup in the same replies that were given so far, you want my opinion on that, please read previous posts. Where I plead that I don’t break them and you plead that I do.

Who am I accusing of what ? I am ignorant aswel ? what about “Master Baiter XD” ?. So what I said in the previous post is something that I kept chanting before ? Show me where it repeats please, and also if you do not mind please read your posts they are saying the same things over and over yet you have the right to repeat your opinion but If I do I’m suffering from denial, I am ignorant I challange and chant the same thing… how would that not apply to you aswel from this part of the debate ?

And if I’m not “genuine” why would I call out myself on a thread like this ? I said loud and clear I am the subject in cause and this is my story. Like I said before I could have just ignored it and let it sink in the bottom of the forums.


Reply to @radugeorgescu: I say this with all due respect; it truly appears you are suffering from denial.

You defensively accuse others of exactly what you have been doing and when literal, written facts are presented to you, e.g., specific Fiverr Terms of Service, you plead ignorance, challenge and then repeat your chant.

Honestly, I wish you all the best.


So if there are 2 opinons on a subject but 1 of the opinions is covered by more people that makes the absolute majority and makes that opinion the right one correct?

You are talking like all the users on replied to this thread.

You are talking like “ricksper” for example took page 1 and red all the posts through to page 3 and did not reply based on what the majority is inclinging twoards or the brute meaning of this Topic. And after clicking on my username will take a Romanian’s side rather than a fellow American.

From where I stand I am spitting against the wind against few individuals that keep saying the same thing, as I reply with the same thing as an answer and because under the circumstances they are more in numbers, that is the absolute truth and I should take it like you are speaking for all the users on ?

Now I frustrate people… that’s a new one. So someone that does not fit your way of thinking is frustrating you, looks like ? sounds to me like a case of “The world spins around me”


Like @itsyourthing said, definitely let Customer Support know about gigs that don’t actually offer anything for $5.

While there are some buyers that ask the moon and stars for $5, I’d say they’re few and far between and if you’re asking for what a seller says they’ll do in the gig (which you are), that may be the moon and stars, but they promised it…so, hey, you’re allowed to expect it.


I am a seller on fiverr. Let me give you the “other side” of the perspective.

I regularly get buyers asking me to do work for around $20 for which my quote is around $60 to $90. Buyers think this is a dollar store where everything is available for $5.

I am all for free market and outsourcing by the way. If a buyer can get good product for $5 from someone in the other part of the world, all the power to her. But if they insist on paying $1 for a $10 product, then the sellers come up with creative ways to get you into their store and then upsell you.

By the way I can sell a 3 second video for $5 if the buyer’s budget is $5. I just don’t think it’s going to do him any good. But I am happy to sell a 3 second video if anyone is interested. I produce videos, FYI. Thanks.


Reply to @km0000:

I understand upselling, but my problem is the misrepresentation of a product or service. If you stated that you will make a 3 second video for $5 your buyer knows what they are getting. If you state that you will make a 30 second video for $5 then tell the customer that they have to pay an additional $45 for a 30 second video otherwise they get just 3 seconds you’ve misrepresented yourself.


Reply to @km0000: There is no “other side” to explain. The buyer is not happy that sellers are representing that they WILL PROVIDE X for $5 and then turning around and saying it will be much more.

The OP is complaining about misleading and outright lying by the sellers. It is still in the Fiverr Terms of Service that each gig has to offer something for $5 and that that $5 base gig has to be what is represented in the title and gig description. The extras are for upselling.

km0000 said: Buyers think this is a dollar store where everything is available for $5.
Not so. Buyers think they can get what you told them they could get for $5


Reply to @jenkznza: I’m sorry for your circumstances. You’re absolutely correct that it is getting to be almost impossible to actually get a product or service for only $5 here. Unfortunately, it’s going to get worse. Fiverr is encouraging it and even introducing ways to simplify the process for sellers.

The most frustrating part is that sellers aren’t changing their gig titles or descriptions because they don’t want to lose any search ranking; they’re just leaving “I will make an amazing logo for $5” and then telling the buyer - often times after the order is placed - that it will be $40+ to actually get anything usable. It is classic bait & switch. As you can see from the other comment, sellers quickly turn it into a ‘cheap buyer’ debate. It infuriates me, and I’m only a seller here!

This forum is full of complaints like this, and as I say, it’s getting worse. The only thing you can do about it is to let Customer Support know about the sellers that don’t offer anything for the mandatory $5 base gig; email: They probably won’t do anything about it because they love the higher commissions, but if enough buyers let them know that they will shop elsewhere, they may at least stop promoting the bait & switch activity.

Better luck in the future and I hope you find some sellers who do offer $5 gigs for what you need. :slight_smile:


Reply to @ricksper: I see that you also like beating your head against a brick wall. :slight_smile:


Reply to @itsyourthing:

Here is a great example. This guy spells it all out and tells you to “ORDER NOW” and after you do he tells you that his service is actually $50! I just reported him to customer service.


*** Sheriff’s note: Calling out other users on the forum is not permitted. ***


Reply to @emasonwrites:

I feel that if a seller requires that you contact them for a quote their gig title should reflect it. “I will give you a quote for my design services for $5” but that wouldn’t sell many gigs would it.


Reply to @jenkznza:

Even worse, he actually hints in the very last sentence in his gig description “Price Quotes reflect the work behind the task.” A bit too shady.


Reply to @jenkznza:


“I will give you a quote for my design services for $5” sounds like you’ll need to pay $5 before you receive a quote.