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Bait and Switch


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Exactly! LOL


The seller he is talking about is me. It was related to a label design. I left for easter leaving a highlighted note in the gig’s description that I will be away until 14th of april, and set the deadline for 5 days. I got back and there were 4 days left on the deadline out of 5 that were set. I review the brief’s content and size of the label, front and back + all the other notes even if it’s my birthday. I reply with a price estimate reflecting the work behind that specific task. He then replies that I am using bait and switch… I start a mutual cancellation agreement as anyone else would naturally do. I got a reply that I am reported for bait and switch. I explained that I do state in the gig’s description that “the price reflects the work behind the task” yet he still keeps he’s arguments stating that if it says “for 5” it should cost just $5 no matter the work behind it. At least that is what I understood from it.

I have nothing against this person I talked politely I hope he finds what he is looking for. But I just can’t afford to waste that much time and get only $5 for it.

The work I display is the delivered work to the persons I worked with, so how is that fake ? it is their comments their bought service…

I also stated that there is no need to purchase anything else until he is satisfied with the results… and that he has unlimited revisions. So the purchase so far was $5 and the possibility to agree on a mutual cancellation at any point … who would have risked more on this ?

You be the judge. There are 2 sides to every story.

Good Day.



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emasonwrites said: While there are some buyers that ask the moon and stars for $5...

Recently there was indeed a seller asking me for the moon and stars... literally. XD


Reply to @willpower_hk: Hahahaha, that is serendipitous! Also, that is a lovely design!


Reply to @jenkznza: I wonder if Fiverr will ever come up with a good way to kind of “solve” this problem. I understand that it’s kind of difficult for designers to put a firm (and low) price tag on their services, because different projects take different amounts of time, but I’d much rather have buyers be able to read my gig description, know exactly what they get if they place an order, instead of having to hash out every single project beforehand. But, I’m also not a designer, so…maybe my opinion doesn’t really count for much, haha!


Reply to @radugeorgescu: I think the buyer’s concern is that you say in your gig that you will professionally design a label for $5. There’s nothing in your gig description that says that they will not get a professionally designed label for $5, or that $5 is only for a certain size, style, format, etc. His argument that it should cost $5 probably stems from the fact that your gig promises to do just that (or rather, doesn’t say anywhere that $5 won’t get him all of the things you list in your description). You might consider adding something to your description about what $5 gets a buyer.


I do state that in the gig’s description and the description is not that long so anyone can see it plain and clear if you take less than 30 sec to read the description. you can click on my username and check for yourself if you wish.


Reply to @radugeorgescu: emasonwrites has viewed your gig and hit the nail on the head.


Reply to @radugeorgescu: Before commenting, I did click on your username and read the description for your “I will design your product label professionally” gig. I understand wanting to make a description short and sweet so a buyer will actually read it, but if it doesn’t contain vital information, you’re going to be frustrated and your buyers are going to be confused/disappointed. That description doesn’t say anything about what a single gig gets a buyer, if it’s actually different than what you gig title offers.

My point is this: If you don’t put VERY clear parameters on what certain amounts of money get your buyer, they will expect to receive unreasonable amounts of work for very little pay. Why? First, because other sellers will do it and second, because you’ve promised it in your gig title. It says, “I will design your product label professionally for $5.” Nothing in the description negates that. All it says discusses is the guaranteed benefits and what file formats the buyer can choose from. So, buyers are going to assume that you will design a product label for $5.

I don’t mean to be picking on you, if it feels that way, I’m just trying to make it clear that if we the sellers aren’t proactive about making it clear what a buyer is paying for when they place an order, it’s only going to perpetuate this “buyers expecting the world” cycle. You can’t expect a buyer, who is here to have something done cheap, to understand the work that goes into your designs or to innately know that $5 doesn’t cover the entire design process for you when you haven’t stated otherwise–especially if they’ve worked with other sellers that will design a whole label or logo or banner for $5.


Reply to @emasonwrites: I did not get frustrated yet over something like this, and this does not happen often. I just replied with my version of the story.

I did not use any bait and switch I used common sense. I offered my services limited by “I will… for $5” and clearly stated that prices reflect the work behind the task so $5 let’s say would be 30 minutes of work for example…




@radugeorgescu: You might think that your gig is “loud and clear” to buyers and that anyone can see what it offers, but you actually just state HOW the order is delivered, not WHAT it includes.

Your title is misleading…“I will design your product label professionally for $5” - that’s not what you do at all. Some (maybe most!) buyers will order simply based on your gig title, so I’m not suprised the OP is a little cheesed off.

You should be offering something at $5 - and state what that is. If you are fine with doing what you’re doing, okay, do it - but you will get a lot more issues in future.

Not only that, it’s not proper or morally ethical to allow a buyer to purchase a $5 gig and then essentially “hook” them with your additional extras when the only way they can get out of the order is by mutual cancellation - which as has already been mentioned on the forum previously, does not refund the buyer’s processing fee should that apply.

It also wastes their time. Buyers want to get things done efficiently and why waste their time and yours when you could simply eliminate or reduce this by including extra information in your gig?

But, you have plenty of other gigs so it’s probably not a big deal for you. You’re certainly perpetuating the notion across the forum though that sellers are shady and not to be trusted.

Do what you like with your gig - but know that you’re letting the side down.


Reply to @kjblynx: We are talking about label design. Quite some variety out there. Some take more some take less. Without a design brief you can’t estimate properly. It states that Price Quote reflects the work behind the label I even highlited that phrase now. And a way to contact. If the buyer does not want to abuse this general idea, why doesn’t he/she contact that seller and make sure he/she gets what he/she needs before causing a scene about it ? Ask yourself that.


Reply to @radugeorgescu: As a designer, I find that I have to be very clear about what I do and don’t offer on Fiverr - even to the point of absurdity. And I still end up with a few confused orders.

Your line that says “Price Quote reflects the work behind the task.” is easily confused. I see what you’re TRYING to say, but if I were looking to buy I’d interpret it as “all work samples were done for $5”.

I think you need to consider rewriting your sales copy, or at least adding some do’s and don’ts.

Also, you’re a Level 2 seller, so adding some clearly explained extras will help out a LOT.



Reply to @jtengle: … I did my part. I am showing my portfolio, I am leaving simple instructions on how to get contacted with questions and I am stating that prices reflect the work behind the task. If one is really interested and has good intentions, will contact me for details. So far only 2 persons called bait and switch on me out of 2300+ rated orders… I’m not going to change my business because 2 persons out of those can’t get something for free, I never forced my services on anyone.


Reply to @radugeorgescu: I was trying to help, but alright. I’ll call it as I see it. Your descriptions and pricing are unclear and you will continue to have problems. If you continue to piss people off to the point that they contact customer service, then you probably won’t be a Fiverr seller for long.


Reply to @jtengle: I understand thank you for your concern. I repeat. I am on fiverr for 2 years now. I managed to complete 2300+ rated orders. This is an isolated incident ( if it can be called an incident, buyer got a refund of $5 with 4 out of 5 days left on deadline and is free to pursue building he’s label with another seller). This does not happen often. I just find the OP story a bit distorted. I apreciate your insight. No disrespect intended.


Reply to @kjblynx: Aren’t alot of things sketchy in this world… You can’t please everyone. I’m not the one who dictates how the market goes. I am just adapting to it and while doing that I tried to make the description as easy as possible under those circumstances. And if it is not clear enough for some I am more than happy to reply with answers to their questions, no strings attached…


Reply to @jenkznza: This is subjective thinking. You are not forced to purchase. After you get a quote for the task you need done, if you do not want to pursue it you can issue a mutual cancellation agreement which will refund . So how does that paying $5 for a quote joke have any meaning other than soothe subjective thinking ?