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Balance at my Team account was been reset

I add money to my team account.
After the introduction of business accounts, my balance was lost.
What do i do? How to return money?

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Speak to customer support - they’re the only ones who can help with money related queries. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Don’t worry, you will have your money back. :slight_smile:

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That’s quite a delay isn’t it? Today’s the 8th, so it could be up to 2 weeks?

I wrote, but already 2 hours there is no answer. I urgently need to pay for the order.

Where did they talk about this?

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I wrote them yesterday, before the official announcement/post. I panicked too because my money was gone.

They told me I’ll get my money back between yesterday and the 22nd.

I set up my Business Tool yesterday so hoping to get my money refunded sooner than later. I kinda need to make some purchases myself.

Unfortunately, the B.T. does NOT allow for an advance payment so you have to pay for transaction fee for each purchase. :frowning:


Hello everyone. It sounds like you’re worried about your old team balance? Refunds will be made to your payment method by Feb 22nd.

You can check out you balance in this link:

Please update the link with your fiverr name. :smiley:


Has anyone already received compensation? Tomorrow is the last day.