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Balance between spending money and bigger order!

I have $29 in my account but the one gig I want to buy (including extras) is worth $130. The order redirects me to my PayPal. Now: Will I be charged a full $130 on my card or $101 (130-29) deducting my Fiverr spending money? Thanks!

You will be probably billed $130 on Paypal.

For what I know, your Fiverr credit will be used only if it’s enough to buy the whole amount requested from the gig…

I guess you will be charged 101 via PAYPAL as you already have $29 in your account.

When it will redirects you to PAYPAL, you will see the amount is being charged before the confirmation.

Reply to @mark74: 6 months ago i made a purchase on fiverr in which my fiverr balance is also used.

Not sure, if things are changed now!

Reply to @wingle: some customer complained for the opposite behaviour just a couple of days ago… so I really don’t know what to think :frowning:

Reply to @wingle: I was right: take a look at this post:

Reply to @mark74: Yes i got it now. But honestly it is wrong, fiverr just want to add more cash in site. When i used this it deducts all amount from available balance and then remaining deducted from paypal. Which i think is correct way to do such transactions.

But it is fiverr rules, which are keep changing everyday!