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Balance Inquiry

I have been trying to withdraw money from my account for the past week but I have been unable to. It is still showing that balance is pending clearance for almost 2 weeks! Why is this so???

Funds take 2 weeks to clear. After the order is marked as complete (either automatically or by the buyer) the funds are held sort of “in limbo” for two weeks. After that time, you may withdraw them. This is not unusually on online marketplaces (Ebay, for example, works similarly) and this is specified in various places on the Fiverr site.

You can and will be able to withdraw your money once the funds clear.
Since you seem new to this and didn’t research, please note:
Withdrawing into Paypal costs $1 per withdrawal, regardless of the amount withdrawn.
Bank transfers have a minimum of $50 (I think) for withdrawal.
After connecting your Paypal account, it takes 24 hours before you can withdraw your funds.