Balance is going from account. Please check every seller


Hi everybody,

Hope everyone is doing well but I am tensed for account balance. I am tracking my earnings from starting of Feb-2014. There should be total $156 on my account but now there are $124. Tracked and calculated all withdrawals but missing $32. Can Anyone helps to find the reason? Please track your account balance for your security.


Reply to @animusargentis: I bet that’s what happened with me. I check my pending every day to know what I should have. So when money disappeared I was upset. If the Fiverr support team could have explained it as well as you then that would have been great. Instead I got a rambling mess that made no sense.


Reply to @animusargentis: This is not a manual system and where have a primary key, database cant accept any duplicate row. Thanks


I’d be able to follow you better if English was your first language, but I’m pretty sure that’s not the case - anything can happen to a database, especially in accounting, when new data is introduced into a system. Fiverr had been working hard for a week or so to implement a new bitcoin system and a new forum feature - overlapping lines of code can have all kinds of unforeseen consequences.


Reply to @animusargentis: Thanks for your comments. May be my case is different from you. tracked my completed orders and I know how much should have. I am 100% sure about my balance. as you described, I am not sure about your database knowledge, There have no chance to have duplicate rows on a database from where they show our balance.


I had something like this posted before you by several days - you can find my original post, I was missing twenty four dollars.

I had also noticed several other discrepancies that day - duplicated gigs and frozen pending funds.

I tweeted that same day.

They got back to me very quickly, but it’s only as of now that I really and fully understand what occurred… I will paraphrase.

When implementing ‘bitcoin,’ the system kind of, shall we say, hiccuped.

Many people’s orders suddenly read wrong - go through your pending clearance orders. Some of them may appear to be frozen, others may be duplicates of other orders, trying to clear twice.

When you tally up the frozen/duplicates, you SHOULD have how much is ‘missing’ from your account.

The hiccup began about a week before the sudden 'missing money.'

Extra completed gigs were tacked on in duplicate form. When Fiverr corrected this, the money you thought was there, but was really just duplicated money, vanished, creating what appears to be a shortage. If you go through and add up every single gig you have done - you cannot rely on your sales screen, track back through your ‘to do’ list, then you will find that your money is accurate.

I ran the numbers and discovered that I was, in fact, square and always had been.

It’s in-depth, annoying and pain-staking, but it’s nice to have your mind set at ease.


Reply to @wingle: Um, no. That’s FIVERR’s Dollar. Paypal does not charge a dollar - at least they never have with me. It’s always been about 35 cents per transaction. Then again, I’m a Premium member.


Reply to @jtengle: I dont know what will they say but I am sure something is happening. Fiverr doing this with their tech team otherwise someone hacked fiverr and fiverr tech team dont have ability to protect him…


I keep track of my earnings in my own filess because I itemize taxes and need to keep track of income and expenses. Although I found the way Fiverr moves money to different categories (“upcoming”, “pending” “cleared” “available”) to be confusing, the bottom line is I have been able to withdraw exactly to the dollar the correct amount of money in one year of selling.

I’ve seen this particular complaint a number of times (“Fiverr is taking my money”) but wonder if the problem might really be not understanding how funds are moved through the clearance process, or someone not double-checking whether orders were cancelled or posted more than once-i.e. duplicate postings or forgetting that they made purchases. Fiverr would not stay in business long if they just stole money. Enough people would have no problem filing a criminal complaint if that were the case!


Was there a cancellation? Did you purchase something?


Reply to @ryangillam: There was no cancellation or purchase. Tracked everything.


Reply to @ryangillam: There was a reason to track my balance. Got 27 orders that day and have another $84 on my balance. Calculated the amount to buy something for me with that amount. 12-Feb withdrawn $36 and should have $156 more was waiting to clear that balance but today seen only $124. Dont know where the remaining amount. at morning thought that may be this will show after sometime. thought fiverr can take this time to transfer pending balance to matured. But its 15 hours gone…


Many other sellers noticed an inconsistency and submitted a ticket. Fiverr acknowledged a technical glitch so I would suggest sending them a ticket to resolve your issue too! :slight_smile:


Contacted with customer support but still no response. is there anybody can help?


Maybe at the time of the withdrawl more pending funds were coming available it and scooped those as well. Have you checked your paypal account to see the transactions?


Reply to @deegana: Checked everything and the fund withdrawn is cleared.


@cheezees: Thanks for your advice. Already sent and they took my revenue screenshots. Lets see how they explain. few days ago worked on ‘fragglesrock’ and after completing some order they removed my revenue. When I complained they removed all my work history too and reply that I didnt get any orders


Reply to @alluniverse: What???


Reply to @alluniverse: can you please elaborate something more?

Are you saying that Fiverr is stealing your money and is deleting any proof? Come on, can’t believe it!

You tell us they removed your revenues: why? What was wrong with those orders?

Anyway consider that noone can help you here in forum: we can just talk with you, trying to understand what’s going on, providing advices… but only Customer Support can work on your account…


Tweet at them. www. twitter. com / fiverr

Gets their attention REALLY fast. They don’t like dirty laundry being aired.