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Balance not showing In PayPal transfered from fiverr

I transfered my balance from fiverr to PayPal 3 weeks ago but it is still not showing in PayPal account. Everything has done according to process. PayPal account is also verfied. Balance not showing in fiverr and not in PayPal also.
Did I lost my money?

Money transfer from fiverr to PayPal is instant
If you do not show your money on fiverr
Ask Paypal Customer Support

First check if you typed your paypal adress correctly. If it’s not, there is no way to return exept if paypal support understands the case and agrees to return. If the adress is correct, you will need to contact fiverr customer support:

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I always use paypal to withdraw my funds and it works like a charm. The balance should reflect in a matter of seconds. Here are the steps:

  1. You click to withdraw funds to paypal
  2. Fiverr sends you a confirmation email to your registered email
  3. You log into the email and click the confirmation link
  4. Fiverr then sends the funds to the paypal address
  5. Paypal sends you a confirmation email of the funds you have received from fiverr

So here is what you need to ask yourself:

  1. Did you receive the confirmation link from Fiverr and did you click on it? (If not, maybe it went to another address )
  2. Are you sure you clicked on the withdraw to paypal? Could you have clicked on another link like say fiverr revenue card?