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Balance withdraw from Disabled account.

Honorable members&support team, I’m in a problem about disabled account… cant withdraw fund though 3 months passed already. About 3 months ago had received a rude replay from fiverr… check

Your Fiverr account has been disabled

Hi dealposter2020!

This message is to let you know that your Fiverr account was disabled by our system for violations of our Terms of Service and/or other policies.

Due to your account being disabled, you cannot log in or withdraw any funds you may have.
If you have any funds available for withdrawal 90 days from now, you will get an email with instructions explaining how to withdraw.
This email will be sent automatically and there is no need to contact customer support.

We wish you best of luck moving forward.


I know I have available balance on my account… but 3 months passed in 11/3/2020. Still they didnt send me any payment withdraw link. Even they restricted to talk from that sign in mail. What a rude attitude.
What should I do now??

I think Fiverr need to be more flexiable and before banning account they should warn first. Seems it’s modern slavery system. Seems few thousands saves working here. They disabled me two time without warning. At least they should let me know the specific issues why banned!

Anyway, Hope the support team will help me as soon as possible to withdraw fund with sending the link.

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I believe your account mahfuzarrahman0 will be disabled soon as well.

How many accounts did you run in parallel on Fiverr? Do you know that creating multiple accounts is ToS violation? Fiverr do not need to warn you.

Why do you use “fiverr” title in your profile image?

Fiverr is not happy with User who permanently violates ToS.


My wife and me both of us doing freelance work. so we had two accounts. I think it’s not fault. But fiverr disabled without warning. Please give me the payment withdrawal link.

You’ll get it in 90 days. The message is clear enough, I think.

If you are using 2 accounts from a same device then its a issue. You have to let them know about this , describe it to them nor your wife and you can’t use both account together.

90 days passed already on 3rd Nov 2020. Still waiting

We are just buyers and sellers on the forum.

Only Customer Support can help you with this.

They are extremely busy at present and can take more than 10 days to respond.