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Balloon blowing contest anyone?


I have not ranted in a while and thought that I will not have to ever again - but the last few days have truly made my ever so patient mind (seriously though, I look after 4 kids in my offline job, I am OBLIGED to be the calmest person ever) red-mad with fury.
So. I am a writer. I do a lot of other things on the side (photoshop, photography, translation, singing, videos, etc) because I like to be so busy I can’t leave the house. But generally, I do not do any of these ‘alone’. With that I mean that I only make a cover if it’s related to one of my gigs, videos are the same (though I have yet to actually film one because I’m lacking time like some people lack manners.
Anyway, so this intro was written in order to clarifiy that if connected to writing, I have no issues with any of these things (I actually would love to have something to do that would involve photography even if I would never make actual gigs about them since I’m no professional.)
So, stupid intro aside: I got a message a few days ago: ‘I want videos’. I was in a good mood at that point and thought that maybe someone just accidentally clicked on my profile, so with a smile I replied 'Sorry, I don’t make videos.'
The next question I got was 'not even for little children?'
So, turns out, the buyer (who cannot be mentioned, obviously) wanted me to make videos of balloon blowing contests. for kids (…or… who knows, really). On one hand - I probably would have fun while making them but…no. Ask me to write something and maybe then. So fastorward to today. i’m standing under the hot Italian sun (finally, spring is here) when I get a message ‘I will be ordering from you soon’. I freak out a little, because really, I don’t want to make something I don’t provide. So I repeat ‘I do not make videos, please request something I actually do make’. So in the end I feel nearly guilty because apparently ‘this is the first time anyone has ever said no as everyone wants to make a little child happy’. I almost fired back with 'I take care of four 8 hours a day, I don’t want to even think about them at my ‘free time’ but I decided to be nice and sweet and just…said nothing.
So, I’ve been targeted by perverts before. I’ve been asked the weirdest things (and wrote the oddest things as well, though I had fun while writing some of them) but this is the first time I ever got something like this. On one hand this can be a totally innocent person who just wants good for kids but does not know how to convey their message, on the other hand however…
I wonder if anyone else received something like this lately?
Sorry for the rant slash question slash whatever this is. Still better here than snapping at the person. I just don’t understand the point of pressing on. I said no. Twice. I mean, sure, making videos IS fun but this sounds way too sketchy… If it’s for some kind of charity, I would have been told prior to that. I still feel a little guilty (which is probably more because of the seafood I had today, guilty, sick, who knows the difference but yeah. Hope this actually made sense, I’ve been thinking in Italian all day (which is funny as I don’t even speak the language) and I needed to warm up before actually getting to work. And I needed to vent. I just hope that I don’t actually get an order from the person. I s


Well, it makes a change from feet videos!

Seriously though, no, nobody should be requesting videos of children doing anything in this day and age.

If the buyer does order, I’d suggest handing the whole thing over to CS with your explanation, as it all sounds very dodgy.

I have 30+ years of child protection experience, and hate to think what this could lead to.

Good luck!


The Pervs are making their rounds. I the believe there’s a fetish for balloons, can’t think of the name, though. Venting is good. :tropical_drink:


From what I understood it is FOR kids (so me blowing balloons alone?) but yes it would make much more sense to have it done with the kids - though it would not make it any less better. At this age I feel honored to be able to HAVE pictures of the kids I look after (but obviously cannot post them anywhere). It just struck the wrong note with me because - as someone who also is dreaming of a similar carrier - I felt really put off by the entire story…


There’s an advice somewhere, if the freelancer says ‘no’, offend them and their abilities and their professionalism and whatever, and keep doing it until they feel that they have to prove themselves to you and say ‘yes’.


It won’t do any harm to report it to CS–they may have a record of the buyer being “odd” in other transactions/messages.

I’d just very blatantly tell them that we do not make a good fit, and if necessary, be a little bit rude if they don’t get the message. Only a little bit, mind.


Ugh, really? That’s like, awful advice. Any real pro is just going to roll their eyes and move on, leaving you with Jimmy B. Desparado who will do anything, even if he can’t.


The feet fetish I can nearly say I understood but this? My first thought was the pervs as well, but I was hoping there is a logical explanation to this.


They can try all they want, I fight for my phone with the kids on a daily basis and I have yet to lose :smiley: On the other hand I do agree that a lot of people seem to follow this course of thought. I won’t crack (hopefully) this time, but I do find it rather annoying. (…and just a bit insulting.)


There are a lot of desperate people on Fiverr and other platforms.


Yeah I probably will report to CS if I get another message for sure. I hope I won’t but…
I TRIED. I mean, I stared it a couple times that sorry I don’t and they just don’t get it (or don’t want to get it. Whichever fits best.)


Could be a foot perv in disguise–perhaps he wants you to blow up the balloon then manipulate them into feed.

They’re definitely being willfully ignorant–“I don’t do videos” is a very simple, easy sentence to parse. It’s just rude of them to keep persisting.


Different strokes for different folks. I don’t understand the logic myself. Maybe it’s the popping sounds the balloon makes or the visual of a woman blowing up the balloons with her enlarged cheeks. No clue! :grin:


I laughed. Then I googled Balloon Foot. More than one reason I shouldn’t have.


Somehow I don’t want to know, to be honest. Part of me is curious to see how this whole situation would end up (maybe on an xxx site, who knows) but… no.

I really don’t even want to try and understand.


I’d imagine they would rather ask me to wear the balloons like shoes, strutting my stuff around.

Yeah they definitely are, I just don’t understand why anyone would even think that anyone would comply.


Yes balloon blowing and special “foot picture” seem to be the creeper’s delight here at
Why don’t you just opt to send them a “Fart in a jar” for an extra $50… Sounds like an easy upsell.
You ladies have it too easy I tell ya!!


Report them. The more reports the merrier. But it wont do anything … its so easy to just make a new paypal email or something and keep screwing with people =/ If fiverr doesnt do anything about well known internet scammers doing business here … I doubt they’d care about the creepers opening their wallets either.


@katakatica Now that you mention it, I think I am going to place an order also!!! Everyone has a price tag right? (To strut your stuff I mean - not the kiddies!)


I actually considered offering it for a really high price and then filming something in my day job attire just for the heck of it (I definitely would scare the creep away for sure…)
But all good humour aside this is just disturbing. I wrote back one last time directing them to video makers but they want ME to do it. I will be reporting for behavior and hope they end up being gone for good…


Yeah sure but be prepared to pay thousands
My other kind of services cost a tad too much.
(Bleh even writing this is gross…)