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☑ VOTE NOW! for Extra Feature -- New Fiverr Feature: 🔊 BEEP noise and Notification POP-UPs



  • I would like 2 Tones, one for Inbox and one for Order page notification
  • I am ok with single Tone.

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If we get enough VOTES, then @twistedweb123 will present it to Fiverr for this additional update.

Fantastic little update, looks like it was a requested feature and it got granted.

Kudos Fiverr!

What do you think of a custom ringtone for notifications?

Love it !
Truly a good idea to have the platform more social and interactive…


Updates are nice but fiverr should focus more on resolving seller/buyer related real problems.


I agree that this one was an important addition. For some sellers who like to stay on all the time but may be working on gigs or doing other things, this feature is fantastic. It’s already improved my own response rate just because I notice when something comes in.


I like the updated Forum very much and i think fiverr modes are doing there best to resolve any issues that arises no matter if it is forum or fiverr itself…During past some days i remain inactive at forum just because of unwanted posts but now i am loving to be here and connect with Fiverrians again…


I wish the beep noise was a bit louder tho…


I am also enjoying this feature, Its really cool and professional :slight_smile: Thanks fiverr.


I think the loudness is enough but it should have been a bit longer than just a single beep though. Anyway it creates trouble when someone treats the conversations as a chat room. The devs should have implemented something like - keeping an interval between the beeps and if it beeped once recently then to stop beeping for like 30-40 seconds.


Yes, It is a wonderful feature introduced by Fiverr love it. The included a pop-up notifier which is also an awesome feature. If one can’t hear the beep then notifier will help him/her.


Think this too, a snooze function like for alarm clocks, like choosing to slide it away for good, or to re-beep in x minutes might be nice. I’m pretty happy to now have the beep at all though.


This feature is awesome


I’m a fan of this feature however I think it would be a little better if the beep tones were different for inbox and orders so we knew on the fly which one updated (so if we are doing something else we know if it’s a priority)


I agree with Adam, different sounds is a must, it’ll be great for priorities.


@twistedweb123 @reecelarkin1
Well I see both of ya’ll on the staff list of the forum, so maybe ya’ll can push the agenda up the list as ya’ll will have a deeper impact for a call to action.


If there is a consensus agreement with this I’ll pass it along (wouldn’t want to pass a suggestion only I thought was good haha)


Alright, I am going to edit the OP and ask people to like the post if they want to include the new option of a dual tone for Inbox + Order Notification.


I just noticed this feature is awesome! Getting pop up notifications are great and with sound notifications it will help sellers not to miss a single reply to buyers keeping the response rate high!


There’s a vote running on the thread. Scroll up to the first post to read and vote.


I just really wanted to try out the Poll feature TBH :smiley:


Hey, if you hadn’t have tried, I wouldn’t have even known the feature was there.
Thanks again!:sunglasses: