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☑ VOTE NOW! for Extra Feature -- New Fiverr Feature: 🔊 BEEP noise and Notification POP-UPs


Thankfully this feature wasn’t available during the US election…


yea, writer would have been the one posting it the first… LOL :joy:




This feature is awesome.

I recently lost a client cause I was too late to reply to his chat message, was busy watching fail videos on youtube :stuck_out_tongue:

Will enable the sound notifications right away.


[quote=“adityasharma3d, post:26, topic:94644”]
was busy watching fail videos on youtube and lost a client

lol…“self-fulfilling prophecy video’s” I guess…:kissing_closed_eyes:


Like your topic very well


Awesome Features, I am really enjoying this feature. Thanks fiverr


I am really enjoying this feature. Thanks fiverr


It’s a nice addition, but not what we needed. More important matters need to be addressed first, then other additions.


You know “Fiverr” reads these posts, right? :smiley:

Fiverr Needs To Check This Forum Out!


Can I switch out Adam’s tag with yours Matt?:wink:


.Now we will response to our clients promptly.
Thank you Fiverr team.


Peeps, DO NOT forget to cast your vote :ballot_box_with_check: on the top of this thread. :top:
Click here


Loved the new features :slight_smile: Wow. Fiverr really cares about us :slight_smile:


The features are out why are you still want people to vote?


Justin, the voting, from what I understand, is to differentiate the notification sounds for the inbox and for the order page.

About the feature, yeah, it’s nice enough to improve your response time. Cool addition.


Really great feature, thanks!


Really Awesome!! I’m pleased.


i voted for 2 different beeps its a great idea


2 different Beeps would work well. :slight_smile: