☑ VOTE NOW! Who wants two days a week off from answering messages?


I’ve been answering messages 7 days a week for years.

It would be nice if we had a day or two a week off where we could choose not to answer messages, and postpone having to answer.

I don’t usually mind but would like a holiday from this part of the job sometimes, or maybe just on holidays.[poll public=true]

  • I vote for 2 days off per week from having to answer messages
  • I vote for 1 day off per week from having to answer messages
  • I like it the way it is now



Oh that would be cool, like taking a Saturday and Sunday off to concentrate on just being a mom? I can certainly see how that would be appealing to me as a seller, but I am also a buyer so although I would like to take a break from answering messages I want any messages I sent to be answered asap!

Can you maybe not put your profile on vacation mode? Sorry if that is a stupid suggestion but I am new at selling here and you say you have been here for years so you must know about that feature?


You can put your gigs on vacation mode but not the messages only.


@misscrystal does that mean that you don’t receive messages or orders? So you have to block both or none?

Yes I can see how that wouldn’t be ideal.


I relate to this so hard. Messages can take longer than the gigs quite often. I’ve voted for 2 days off a week but actually I would like to choose - set business hours/days maybe that translate to peoples local time so they know if I’m answering messages at the weekend, for example, or not, and they have an expected response time. Some buyers don’t mind a delay. Like now, I’m on vacation mode and it doesn’t block messages but I’m only checking every couple of days. A lot of buyers aren’t in a hurry as long as they know there’ll be a delay.


I would love to see some form of automated canned replies which could be enabled/disabled by sellers.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if these would be send out automatically by the system?

For example incoming messages could be set to an automatic canned repy such as:

  • Thanks a lot for your interest. I am currently out of the office and will get back with you as soon as possible.

Same with incoming orders.


This would be great. Also ‘This order won’t start until the seller is back in the office’.

This, so much.



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Oh yes @annai80 that would be awesome. @misscrystal I gave the vote for one day off, sorry but I am often a buyer and I like to get answers fast… but as a seller it would be great to have an off day!


Auto-response would defeat the purpose of “Response Rate”, so that’s out of the question.

Secondly, unfortunately, although our work here feels like a JOB, it isn’t as self-employment is more like running a business. And a real business owner seldom sleeps easy.
The life of a Business Owner vs a Working Person.

Although businesses do have closing time, but that is only because they employ people and working people needs off time. Most popular and successful business thus employs people 24/7 and does NOT have a CLOSING time nowadays.

With all that being said, I have seen TRS here have done this and I do the same and which is, in my Profile description I have listed my WORKING HOURS on EST.

So similarly, I would recommend maybe modifying your gig descriptions to include that you will either be a bit slow for response on the weekend OR that you do not work on the weekend. And also stating orders placed on weekends will have delayed response or completion time, etc.

This can be your only temporary solution.



I think you all know how we feel about the response rate. Response rate would still be a factor and would allow buyers to see when they can expect a response.


I’ve answered every single day since they changed the policy.
I assume most of us have done that. I get a lot of messages.
Doing that 7 days a week for years is a bit tedious after a while.


Oh no, I completely understand, doing any repetitive and monotonous task DOES get tedious and tiresome.
I was just being realistic, about the current situation, that’s all.

I was having a discussion with one of my client and she was asking me if I work weekends, and I said, I’m self-employed, I ALWAYS work.

sigh The life of unemployment. lol :sweat_smile:


I like the idea of either one or two days off per week but I can’t see it happening.
What I have done when I want some time off is to send a saved message. My SEO gig often requires a bit of work to send a proper offer so I say something like, "I am away at the moment but will respond to your query properly tomorrow morning" (or whenever I will be back). Using the app for this is really handy.


@djgodknows I have been self employed for 8 years now, and I am always working too. My longest “holidays” in the last 8 years has been 2 breaks of 2 weeks long when I have birth to my two children via c-section. And even those 2 weeks I had my ipad at the hospital. It is part of being self employed and I am so used to it now.


Exactly, I work on US time and the time difference between CST and my local time is exactly 12HRS.

Which means, I work from 6pm to 5 AM my time. And most of the order queries I would get would be around the time I will be signing off, so I respond to them saying, blah blah blah, it is almost 5 am local time, can I get back to you tomorrow morning? Gracias! :slight_smile:


The only people who have not been happy with this were people who needed extra fast delivery and I would not be able to help them anyway but they still appreciate the quick response.


Yup while reading your post, I was gonna say, bet she was accessing her work, and ditto, you wrote it! lol

The perks of self-employment are things like, not having to wake up EARLY morning, getting OFF work ANY time, going to the TOILET as MANY times as you want, LOL.

The cons are… well we know most of them. :sheep:


Tunk U come agen. :man_with_turban:



Wouldn’t an automated system make your life soooo much easier though :smile: you wouldn’t even have to mess with the app. Imagine you could even set your own automated reply :wink: