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Band Logo?

Does anybody have good tips for finding the right person to make a logo for my band?

You can choose a top seller. But their delivery time is higher. @-)

Otherwise you can choose few designers and contact them before placing the order. Send them requirements, ideas and ask for sampled work. It’s exactly what some designers offer “free samples before placing the order” (including me). So you can just choose any one of them to go forward with and order their gig.

If i was starting fresh, I would probably go with:

Note: My account has no affiliation with his (Adam) and I haven’t bought the gig, but if I had been aware of it when I needed this service, that is who I most likely would have tried.

post a buyer request that is good option and check designer private portfoilio

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ok thanks @mariarajput786

Is this the style you like?

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