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Band seeking sounds and voice overs to samples for new album songs


Our rock band has two songs in our up-coming album that we need character voices for:

One is a carnival barker/announcer announcing a horror-themed amusement


The other is very controversial: a southern tent-revival type preacher saying some things that are not very nice.

More details will be given when ordering and I can answer some questions about it here if need be. We also have other projects and songs coming up, so if we like working with you, we may call on you again for another gig.




Please don’t ask Fiverr sellers to break the rules. You may not hurt yourself a bit but a new seller may not realize that you deliberately tried to conceal your request for an outside contact. A seller can lose their account and accumulated and hard-won reviews just to answer your email and hope for a big score. I wouldn’t suspect you so much if you hadn’t been so precise in your spacing to avoid flags.

Sellers - don’t be fooled. If this person doesn’t answer you through Fiverr (without suggesting outside contact) they probably weren’t intended to buy from you through Fiverr. There is nothing wrong with running business outside Fiverr but don’t risk your account here at the same time.


Fonthaunt: I appreciate your comments and I was not trying to get anyone in trouble. This is a legitimate offer for sellers, but if my mistake negates the offer, my apologies. It has never been my intention to do anything other than try to get my project finished in a timely fashion for our record company. Again, sorry. And thank you for the heads up on the rule. I will edit my posting after I post this comment.


Reply to @brycekain: Thank you. Your willingness to do so shows your honesty and professionalism. Sellers can lose their accounts for outside contact and since many are new I get protective. Good luck with your project!