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As you guys know there was a flooding in my colony recently because of the seasonal rains. My colony resembles a war zone right now as all the footpaths have been removed to clear the drains. The problem is that the city is bursting at the seams and cannot have so many people living here. When we first came to Bangalore in 1998, the population here was 3.8 million. Now it’s over 10.5 million. So 7 million more people have been fitted into the same land mass in 15-18 years. Something’s gotta give when that happens. It was a beautiful city in the early 2000s. But sadly that was not to be. Bangalore is a victim of its own success.

It’s obvious to me the earth cannot support an unlimited human population. Something has to happen.

So sorry to hear that. People (people all around the world) often forget that it is not the planet who needs us, but it is us who need the planet yet we (as a whole) forget to keep the environments balanced. The one who will suffer is ourselves.

Like Malta, it sounds like you’ve had your Bangalore ruined more by corruption than it being a victim of its own success. Moreover, any city which has a slum isn’t a success at all (no offence).

Your flooding is likely due to poor water management and infrastructure, just like the flooding from the sea which I get where I live is purely the result of the town council getting fatter ever year courtesy of EU funds which they get to build a new breakwater but never actually build.

Sad to say it but you will need a dramatic and needless death or two before anything gets done. Here everyone accepts that everything is corrupt, However, when a kid drowned last month because of the current in the bay pulling him out, everyone started pointing fingers, especially at a local bar owner who’s also a council person and used some of this years EU money to extend the pavement outside his own business. (So that he could put a few more tables out over summer, naturally).

Just be careful of going for the jugular when making any noise about corruption, as I guess in Bangalore you’d have more than a few Sicilian Mafia people and the local priest turning on you.

Actually I’m fine…since I work at home and never have to go out in the Bangalore traffic, I’m okay. But I’m sure life is very difficult for most people here.

I worry about India. I worry people are becoming desperate. There were over 9,000 applicants for an office assistant’s job in a government office. This is the lowest job in the government, and requires only a high school pass…but there were PHDs, post-graduates, engineers applying. I got out of the job market in India, but I can tell you it’s hell. We produce millions of graduates every year, but where are the jobs?

I suppose you guys are fine. Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Czech Republic - I expect these countries to have a very high standard of living in a few years. You - eastern and central Europe - have got most things right since leaving Communism.

Some people are fine, some people are not. Just like in other countries. My family and I are fine. My friends are fine. But that doesn´t mean we don´t have poor people. Some people are happy, some people are not :slight_smile:

I try to avoid discussion about politics, even with people that I know in person. Because I support the government and people who don´t have the same idea with me will try to argue with me, which I think that is not necessary.

Well said, even I have decided to stop taking interest in politics. It gives you nothing but negative energy.

LOL, so true :smiley: