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Bangkok - 2012's world's best city


Even though I’m not a native Thai (person from Thailand).

I live in Bangok and this is something to be proud of.

Bangkok has been ranked world’s best city in terms of travel and leisure.


What about for living? How is civil rights? How is income equality? What do you like about where you are? Are you an “expat” if so from where?


Living is awesome in here, amazing transportation, well built roads… highways at every end.

Malls at every mile. Traffic sucks but there’s underground, above ground, on the ground trains too!

Civil rights? I can’t talk much, I’m not a native Thai.

Income seems to be good (I assume), I see Mercedes, BMWs, porsche’s etc every 2 minutes.

Yes, I am an expat from a place I don’t want to state on the forums.


@princemaxx, Nice! I have never been to Asia, but where are you from originally?


I think he just said he didn’t want to say.