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Bangladesh seller to seller do order compeleted any porblam

please answer me…

I think you’re asking if it’s allowed to buy/sell to somebody who’s in the same country as you?

If that’s the case, then yes, it’s fine. :slightly_smiling_face:


Is there any problem? If they are too close to each other, like less than 10km or so.

I’ve heard of getting warning for review selling.

What about that?

How would you know how close they are - only the country’s given.

If I want to purchase from a UK seller it wouldn’t be a problem. If I give them a review becuase I loved their work it wouldn’t be:

I wouldn’t know how close they are, I am just asking, somehow, even if they are closer.

But there has been issues with reviews sell, some people buy review, what about this?

That’s a completely separate thing to buyers and sellers being in the same country, and can happen regardless of where the buyer/seller is located.

When I was selling, I sold a service to a hair salon which happened to be a few miles up the road from me. Was it review buying? Of course it wasn’t - I was providing a service to somebody who happened to be close to me - nothing more. They didn’t know how close I was to them - it was just coincidence.