Bank transfer button not clickable


When i try to withdraw my revenue from bank transfer as usual, the “Bank Transfer” button not work. It is not clickable and it shows this error when I mouse over the button.

“we identified an issue with your application and cannot process it ai this time.Please contact customer support”

How to fix this?


There’s your clue! :wink:


I sent them a message two hours ago.Looking for a quick solution


Hope you get this issue fixed quickly, the usually reply within 48 hrs.


Oh god! 48hrs. I need to withdraw it tonight


Let’s all hope they answer quickly then.


Have you used that withdrawal method before? And have you ever used Payoneer before now?


He said “as usual”, so I’m guessing that he has used it before (and if he did, he must have a Payoneer account, too).


You need to contact Payoneer to see what the issue is.


I understood the issue.My Payoneer account has blocked that is the issue.It is not issue of fiverr.


Yes, My Payoneer account has blocked. that is the issue.


I have had a similar issue, I mail CS for good two weeks and no reply. The reply I got before that was to contact Payoneer and Payoneer told me to contact Fiverr as the fault is on their end. You could try using Paypal. This Bank Transfer issue is really prominent.


Receiving money through Paypal is not allowed in Sri Lanka.I need to get my Payoneer account back anyhow.I I contacted Fiverr CS and ask them to unlink my current Payoneer account from my fiverr account. But they ask me to contact payoneer. How payoneer unlink my account from FIVERR?


Can you change the email address in your fiverr settings for payoneer?

Is your email address the way Payoneer identifies you on fiverr?


Thank you for your kindness, your help to other members is truly appreciated! <3


And thank you for yours too! And I love PR btw. Been there many times.


Really happy to hear that. <3


Have you ever withdrawn anything before? Have you used Payoneer before on fiverr? Please let us know what happens.