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Bank Transfer Feature on Fiverr very very helpful


Wow, i’m very happy :slight_smile: to using Bank Transfer feature to withdraw my Fiverr Revenue. I got my money within half hour on payoneer account without any transaction charge. It would be very helpful for whole Fiverr members. So why late, try to use the (Bank transfer) Feature now :wink:

How to use the feature?

  1. At first Go to your Fiverr Revenue page and click Bank Transfer button. See screenshot

  1. Then Check Your fiverr Email and open the Email which you got recently for confirm Bank account information. Then simply Click “Click here” link. See screenshot

3.After click this link you will get Add Bank account option. Simply click “Get started” Button then you will get payoneer registration form. So if you have an account on payoneer then click “already member login here” link from top right corner.

  1. Then Login your payoneer account and confirm the information. after confirmation you will get an confirmation mail from payoneer. See screenshot.

All work done. So an hour later go to fiverr revenue page and Click Bank Transfer Button for withdraw your money. You will received money on your payonerr account within half hour without any transaction fees. see screenshot

Thanks a lot for read the post.


Note: May be you should add Bank account on your payoneer account before use this feature.