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Bank transfer money but not got any message

Bank transfer money but not got any message, My email spam box check but no spam email. Aug 25, 17. Bank transfer but today not got any email. please help

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If you have recived your money in your account without an email - I wouldn’t be worried.

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Bank transfer money but not got any message.

Your bank transferred money into your account without a message/email?

I’m so sorry if I am not understanding.

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I am not understanding. Not email but so complete this Withdrawal Completed Successfully

It is possible, I have not connected any bank account without any bank account

If you have received an email that states funds have been transferred to a bank and you HAVE NOT initiated it, contact support right away.

You should do that asap

Last year sane thing happen to me. i only received withdraw successfully email. when i check my email i notice someone change my email and withdraw my fund to their email. i lose 375$

contact Fiverr CS asap

What is the minimum amount that payoneer transfers to the bank account? I am asking this because I recently transferred $20 to my local bank account in Pakistan through fiverr (fiverr shows min $20 transferable) bank transfer button, payoneer shows that transaction is approved and completed but I didn’t receive any money in my local bank. On payoneer website it is listed that min $50 can be transferred. Kindly help me on this matter or tell me someone who can help. I haven’t ordered the payoneer revenue card but my local bank is approved at payoneer. So i used bank transfer option to see if really works. And it didn’t