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Bank transfer not working on my profile


When I created my Fiverr account. I tried to create bank transfer from Payoneer but Fiverr created a Payoneer card automatically and I don’t want to use that card because I already have one than I contacted Fiverr support to remove that Payoneer account and add the Payoneer card that i already have. Fiverr support said that I should deactivate that newly made Payoneer account to add new. I followed their instruction and deactivated my Payoneer account now wIen i go to my earning page to withdraw money it shows unclickable bank transfer option.
Any suggestions on how to fix it??


If you type “bank transfer not working” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject.

If these are not helpful to you suggest you contact Customer Support.


at first solve your payoneer bank account perfectly to your local bank then try to again after few hours, i think it will be okay.