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Bank Transfer Problem


Hi everyone.

I am a little bit worried.

I made a withdrawal by bank transfer yesterday. After clicking it, I just receive an email from Payoneer but none from Fiverr.

Payoneer sent a message the funds have been received. I checked my Payoneer account and it showed zero balance.

I contacted Fiverr CS but no reply till now. I contacted Payoneer CS, they just replied via auto-reply saying, it could take five days. Butt that’s an auto-reply. Nothing was checked.

What should I do now?

Has anyone gone through this before?

Appreciate your comments.

Thank you.


It will take time to see money on your account.


If Payoneer mentioned this line, then Fiverr was successfully able to withdrew the money to the Payoneer account. Just wait for Payoneer manual reply. If you want a faster reply, tweet your CASE ID or whatever the Unique id you have to the Payoneer Help Twitter account.


Thank you guys. Your words provide soothing and calming effect.

Fiverr CS got back to me saying the payment has been sent out. And now, I will have to go bother Payoneer CS.

Nevertheless, my Pending Clearance balances have now disappeared. I am not sure if it is a related problem. Hmmm…

Opened a new ticket. Sometimes one problem leads to another.

Thanks for listening and constructive comments.

Kind regards,


Hope your issue gets resolved quickly :slight_smile:
Good luck!


i also have the same problem from 4 june but payoneer CS is not responding …


Hi @mimisafira, don’t worry it takes 2-3 business days uploading amount to your account.
The transfer is immediate but you will see balance after 2 or 3 days.


Did you get the funds into your Payoneer account already?


Thanks for the suggestion. I will surely try that one (Twitter).


yes i got payment in payoneer but when i transfer it to local bank … normally it takes 2-4 days …
but this it got a week but still no response from Payoneer cs…


Okay, that’s what matters…you got your hard earned money safe in your account.


Okay, that’s what matters…you got your hard earned money safe in your account.