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Bank Transfer Question


Tell me if I am right. If I want to send the money from fiver I push the bank transfer button and I from the use?


yes, u will press bank transfer,
and u have to create a payoneer account first, if u belong to pakistan, then u will receive an email their, when u will press bank transfer, u will confirm it after going, in your email. and funds will be received in your account directly after some time.
but if u dont belong to Pakistan then u can use Paypal… its free or your funds will be directly received in ur account.

If your from the USA you still need to make a Payoneer acc?

If you want to to Withrow with a Mastercard and If you have a payoneer account you can click bank transfer otherwise you can click PayPal If you have.

I don’t understand why PayPal ask for a SSN? But can you still use without use the SSN number?