Bank Transfer (Resolved)


This problem has been resolved.


@amirbrandon contact fiverr customer support.There are solved your problem.


I think it takes 3 days for the withdraw to bank option to complete. Also login to your payoneer account and click on payment history under activity.


Is this your first time using the option and is your balance 0.0 on fiver?


Could you check your payoneer funding sources and be sure your fiverr account is showing over there that way you can be certain that is was properly linked.


if the bank authority has hold up the right then talk to them otherwise fiverr will solve this


Hmm then something fishy might have occurred. I think you should let fiver customer care know about this that way they can let you know what payoneer account is linked to your account currently. Also, does your payoneer account display your acc no or card number below your balance?


If your account is not linked to any payoneer account then the money would be sent back I believe. Also check your spam mails to be sure you never received any email.



I am sorry to know you have had this bad experience.

What you have started is that you selected Bank Transfer option instead of Fiverr Revenue Card option.
From my experience, Payoneer can be added as a Fiverr Revenge card while Bank Transfer option is for adding your local banks.

So may be if this is the issue, you may consider checking your local bank account that you had attached with your fiverr account.

I hope this helps.



I hope it gets resolved soon.


Did you put your account details while creating your payoneer account?


If yes, did you follow the link from fiverr or did you create the payoneer account directly from their website. This will help explain what might have gone wrong during the linking