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Bank Transfer through Payoneer

Has anyone able to set it up? When I opt for it, I receive an email from Fiverr to click a link, it takes me to a form where I am supposed to enter First Name, Last Name, Email, and DOB. All fields are mandatory.

Upon entering the data, and clicking “Next”, it says that “We allow only one account per person” as if I am opening a new account.

Can anyone tell me what’s the correct procedure to set it up? I even contacted Payoneer, but their instructions couldn’t help, so wanted to check with other sellers before contacting Fiverr CS.

Also, please share your thoughts, if this option is better than PP. Payoneer says, it is is cheaper than PP, but I am totally confused how much they will actually charge.

@sincere18, I have Payoneer account. I did use Payoneer prepaid card previously, and found it expensive, so I stopped using it. But, recently they have introduced direct bank transfer just like PP without any need for prepaid card, and they claim it is much cheaper than PP, hence I thought of trying it out.

I will check the forum.

I thought Payoneer/Fiver Revenues Card was more expensive.

Are you going directly to Payoneer to set up yout account? You should do it that way first and then come back to Fiverr to link it.

There is a Payoneer discussion going on, search teh forums and you will find it, it’s Payoneer rep I think so they may have some answers.

Reply to @ramesh_samane: Oh, in that case, now I am thinking the message you see on Fiverr "“We allow only one account per person” is referring to the fact that you already had used Payoneer once, then changed it to paypal account so they may not let you change it back, thinking you already have one Payoneer connected to Fiverr and one Paypal.

I would find out from Payoneer what the fees actually are, get that solid information first, and then if you want to change back to Payoneer you may need to contact Fiverr Customer Support to ask how to make the change. Think of it from their perspective of trying to block spammers and hackers, people trying to change their accounts back and forth, something like this could look like it’s someone trying to hack your account or something.

@sincere18, I did not use Payoneer prepaid card with Fiverr, it was for another freelance site. I am only using PP with Fiverr from the beginning.

I suspect, the message I get is because the system is thinking I am trying to register as a new seller.

I will open a support ticket, and check how actually it is done. I will update this thread with the details once I hear back from them.

Payoneer has a fees calculator on their website, that tells you how much is the difference in fees from PP for any amount. I am not sure that calculator is available for only Indian customers, or for all. You may want to check it out.

Reply to @ramesh_samane: Oh, ok, I thought you used it on this site.

So then yes, it would make sense that on Fiverr you can’t just change monetary accounts back and forth at anytime. Though people do hack accounts and steal, that would make it even easier for spammers if a user could go in and change their payment withdrawl method back and forth.

yes, let us know how it turns out. good luck.