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Bank Transfer? What happened? XD

So I just clicked on the ‘Bank Transfer’ because I thought an email would be sent to me again (somehow deleted the first one and I wanted to read it because I didn’t get the chance before), but instead all my available funds got sent to my Payoneer account. I set the Payoneer account up and am waiting for the card to arrive (estimated between 20th and 27th October)

So why did it clear my funds and send it to Payoneer when my card hasn’t even arrived nor been activated? I didn’t even want to withdraw before all my funds were cleared, but that doesn’t even matter now. Anyone experienced this? Any advice on what to do?

I would ask Customer Support. I’m pretty sure Payoneer is involved in the bank transfer feature as well. I doubt anyone on the forum has enough experience with the new feature enough to be of a lot of help, but either Payoneer support or Fiverr CS should be able to at least guide you.