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Bank Transfer withdraw without Third Party Website

Hi fellow freelancers and Fiverr Admin. I’m extremely frustrated with this foolish Bank Transfer system where we use Payoneer to transfer our money to our bank account. PLEASE make bank withdraw system where you only use Fiverr and not Payoneer. Problems listed below, and thank you.

  1. Support. Fiverr Customer Support team can’t help us to solve our issues since they don’t operate bank transfer and it’s entirely up to Payoneer customer support (which never replies) to assist us, and I can’t withdraw any money.

  2. Age restriction. Payoneer have 18+ age restriction and Fiverr has 13+ age restriction and this doesn’t make sense at all since high schooler like me can’t use our OWN bank account to withdraw money and once you put all the information to the application you will get declined and they will not allow you to re-fill up your form using your guardians’ information. (now my money is just a number on the top right and nothing else)


Bank transfers arent something anyone or any company can do. It takes special hard to get licenses and permissions from banking regulators to be able to be in the business of making transfers into people’s bank accounts.

Fiverr is not in that business. The reason you see very few companies doing that, in fact only two or three in the world, is that it’s so difficult to get permission from government agencies to do that kind of work.

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Are you sure? Can’t we just provide our information and they can just transfer it to us like anybody?

Yes I’m sure. It’s highly regulated by governments. That is a banking job, for banks to do. The fact you have Payoneer and Paypal doing it is really out of the ordinary.

Really? I was under the impression that direct bank withdrawal is possible if you’re in the US, where certainly more than one bank does exist.

Fiverr is not a bank is the point. Some things can only be done by either banks, Paypal, or Payoneer.

If this were a company that issued paychecks it’s probably different. Then they could make arrangements with employees to directly deposit them. In that case taxes would have been deducted first. And that is only in the US. Other countries work differently.

Oh I didn’t think that Fiverr is a bank. I was just certain I’d read that direct bank withdrawal is available for US sellers, so I was wondering because your post made it sound as if Fiverr can’t do that. Just was curious whether I had misunderstood that US sellers don’t need to go through PayPal or Payoneer.

It goes through Payoneer first as I understand it.

I can’t imagine fiverr setting up arrangements with banks all over the world, or even just in the US, to make direct deposits into people’s checking accounts. I can’t imagine the problems involved. I guess theoretically it may be possible now that I think about it but I think it’s only for payrolls companies issue to employees that it’s available.

Then this bit sounds confusing:

When you have a balance in your seller account, you can withdraw your funds to either your PayPal account, credit your Fiverr Revenue Card, or transfer money to your bank account (“Direct Deposit” in the U.S.).

So “direct deposit” means you still need a third party, either paypal or that revenue card (payoneer)?

That’s what I’ve heard from people discussing it here. It goes through Payoneer first which then deposits it directly into a bank account. So there is a delay of several days before it reaches your bank.

So it’s no different than withdrawing to Paypal and then having Paypal transfer it to your bank, only Paypal does it in one business day.

This way fiverr only has to make payouts from it’s account with Paypal. Imagine if fiverr started having to send money directly to millions of people’s banks all over the world!

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And here I thought that’s just when you don’t have a US bank account.
I’ve tried to click direct bank withdrawal once to see if I can use it but it sent me to payoneer then, so I read the help Center info and ever since was convinced that the US sellers are the lucky ones there. That’s why I was surprised when you said Fiverr can’t do that, knowing you’re a US seller.

I’m sure it’s a hassle, of course but I don’t know, there are so many payment options everywhere you buy something, that it seems an easy thing to “arrange” somehow. I don’t think it’s that companies per se can’t do that, although with Fiverr, of course there may be reasons to do with chargebacks and what not, being very global doesn’t help either, I guess.

The “direct deposit” threw me off probably.

In the US if you work for a big company they can do direct payroll deposits into a bank account. You fill out a simple form with your bank and with your company that employs you , and your paycheck goes directly into your bank.

The companies that do that have large accounting offices to handle that. The US government also does that with it’s employees.

I wouldn’t want to have fiverr with my bank account number and count on them to send money directly. It’s smooth with Paypal as it is now. They simply send it to the email address on file that you use with your Paypal account. It would be a lot more complicated for them if they needed everyone’s bank account number.

Payouts are basically handled by one man at fiverr as it is now. The one man is the owner/inventor of fiverr, who’s account at Paypal the money is withdrawn from, or at least it used to be.

I’m sure he has a staff to actually do that but it was interesting to see that at Paypal it’s his name on his Paypal account where the money comes from. One time something happened and for a week, instead of the money coming from fiverr, it came from him. Maybe it was a temporary situation. Maybe there was a technical glitch and he had to use his personal Paypal account.

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Well, you get your salary or whatever pay right from company to your bank here too, no matter the size of the company.

I just thought “direct” means direct as in “not via PayPal or Payoneer”.

I’m sure that many people wouldn’t want Fiverr to have their bank details and prefer PayPal, I just wanted to confirm if there’s no direct bank withdrawal option for US sellers either because that was how I interpreted that “direct deposit in the US” bit. Thanks for the clarification! Makes more sense now.

This is very important thing.

They should address that literally