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Bank Withdrawal

Hello! May I ask if what kind of ID Payoneer wants for me to get verified? and can link it to my bank account? So I will process it. Thank you:)


I think the more important question is why you think it’s okay to use someone else’s ID to work.

You’re misrepresenting yourself and that’s impersonation and fraud and of course both are against the ToS. Why did you agree to the ToS when you didnt understand it?

So ask yourself: why would Fiverr be ok with fraud once they see it in your withdrawal activity?

Unbelievable that I have to explain that pretending to be someone you aren’t is not allowed.


I am still a student and since its pandemic so the processing of my id would take a little longer and fiverr only gave me 2 weeks to comply and i already earned a bit money. I was so desperate that time to meet both ends because I am also supporting my studies and i cant apply for work because we are on lockdown so i tried using fiverr. A single centavo matters to me for my studies:( I also got my father’s permission

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Your circumstances don’t make it ok to commit impersonation and fraud, nor will they prevent the penalties.