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Bank withdrawals


Recently I wanted to withdraw the money in my account to my bank,I wanted to know how many days does it take to transfer from payoneer?


Two or three days :blush::blush::blush:


From few hours to 3days. At first when I withdraw from payoner to my local bank it takes 2 to 3 days. Now it takes 3-4hours max.


Mines takes 1 or 2 hours at max.time


It depends on the load on Payoneer which I am sure you’re using.
If you request for withdrawal on Friday evening then chances are you’ll get your money on Monday because of weekend.


Can you tell me when I have loaded 24$ in Payoneer then why my blance is 0 USD


3 to 4 Days at-least


Login In Your Payoneer Account And See Payment History On That…


In history it’s written that 24 USD loaded
But balance is zero


There should be a refresh button on the right side of the 0 USD amount. Hit that button.


Check Your Balance Properly…


Is this possible? I was of the notion that you had to possess a MasterCard to access your funds in your Payoneer account.


Have checked 1000 times