Banned account,


hello to every one,
please help me,
my fiverr account has been disabled by copy rites images,
yesterday i update my gigs and use 2 images thar didn’t belong to me, and after 12 hours my account was disabled. i know that i did mistake and i am feel sorry for this, please help me,
is there is any other way to get my account back, waiting for your kind response. thanks


You did a mistake and you have to pay for that. You can request customer support once if they consider your request.

All the best.


thank you very much…


So you used the copyrighted images knowing they weren’t yours to use?

Well… that’s unfortunate. Actions have consequences, as you now no doubt can attest to.

Good luck to you.


You can try talking to Customer Support, apologize for what you did, promise never to do it again (or break any other rules), stick to that promise, and ask for their help. Maybe they’ll let you have your account back.

If that doesn’t work, you can ask them for permission to open a new account. If they allow it, don’t break the rules again.


THANK you very much…


yeah but one image is mine i create for client butt client cancel the order so i use the image on my gig, and he complaint to the fiverr


Using material without consent is not correct.