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Banned at the first warning and cant even withdraw my first money (feel like being scammed)

So 2 weeks ago i created my fiverr account and starting selling items on fortnite save the world, i wasnt going to do it for long term because i had only a couple of things to sell and learn some money to buy a discouted game for me and my friend at 10 dollars, i found out that what i was doing isnt well accepted on fiverr after they warned/banned me, im writing this because im feeling scammed, i havent got the change to withdraw the 10 dollars and now i’m in trouble because a little of that stuff was of my friend too… i still didn’t told him about this, i sold the stuff on 01/19/2021 so i had to wait until 2nd of february to withdraw the money, but i got banned on 01/27/2021, we are talking about items on a game so i cant get them back also im not even going to be paid, i fell to much bad


Should’ve read Terms of Service.

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You understood his writing?

Read Terms of Service carefully.

You feel like you’ve been scammed because you broke the rules of the platform that you agreed you read and unsdestood when you created your Fiverr account? Good grief. Seriously.