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Banned for no reason ?!


I just got banned for absolutely no reason. I was browsing the website searching for a seller and I suddenly got banned " You have been banned temporarily. The number of requests you have made to this website has exceeded the rate limit.". No warnings, no email, nothing. I just got that by browsing the website peacefully.

I contacted customer support but that kind of experience is very unpleasant !


clear cache / cookies from the browser you are using and try again


You are not banned banned, it happens to everyone if they open too many windows at once or using extension to refresh.

I did not get banned but I do get I have to click on some boats and bikes all the time.

Like Creative said, clear cache and try again.


Thank you very much for the advise! Unfortunately it didn’t work.

Check this for help:

Did you maybe using some software or plugin on your browser?


Thanks for you help!

Weirdly enough, I just received an email to reset my password (didn’t ask for that myself) and everything went fine after resetting my password!

Yeah that’s possible ! But I have so many extensions it would be hard to know what caused the issue (nothing special tho).

Some plugin causes this kind of harassments.

Clear you browser data, if you use auto refresh extension or any extension/ addon related to fiverr then remove this, you’ll get access of your account. If it’s not solved yet, knock CS