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Banned from levels upgrade! Help!


I unknowingly violated Fiverr terms and conditions when I was new to this platform. Unfortunately, I was not promoted to level 1 due to that. Today, I have completed over 60 orders with excellent rating and reviews, sufficient even to secure anyone a level 2 badge, but I have not been promoted at all.

Fiverr support just says that levels are automatically given out by the system, and that I should just carry on with my work and try and maintain my ratings. They did not give any timeline or number of orders before I would be promoted. Has anyone faced a similar situation?


Your best bet would be to contact Fiverr support, I have not known anyone to get banned from levelling up on Fiverr. I have however known people to get banned from Fiverr or have their account suspended for 6 months.

So it would be worth contacting support to find out whether that’s definately what’s causing your account not to level up and they should also be able to tell you what you need to do in order to fix this.

I hope this helps.


Hey, before writing this post, I had contacted support twice. On both occasions, they said that due to the violation, my account is sort of blacklisted and that is why the system is not upgrading it to the higher level. They refused to give any further explaination no matter how hard I tried. Thanks for your response anyways.


So you actually got your answer from support. I don’t think that you will find a solution on the forum. The only option is to go on with what you are doing and wait.


So what was the violation? Yes, I’m being nosy :slight_smile:


Giving out personal information or asking for payment outside fiverr.


So zzz. Anyway, here’s some awesome music!


When I was new on Fiverr, I asked some top sellers to send an order my way to kickstart my gig. Some helped, but some marked my message as spam. I now realize that it was a bad decision.


is it a violation to delegate work to new sellers here ?I mean someone get a 100 usd project and made it done for 70 by new sellers (for lesser price).


hello @synthsmasher, the answer you have got from the support team is the final, i mean you will not get an answer about this problem on forum.


You’ll need to work out your resolution with Fiverr Customer Service. None of us can help you in this matter.

You did break the rules of Fiverr – rules that are clearly posted. Therefore, it is well within Fiverr’s rights to respond to those broken rules as they see fit. It is your responsibility to know the rules of any website you choose to do business with. And you will have to abide by any response Fiverr puts into place, even if this means limits on your ability to gain levels.

You noted that you contacted Fiverr twice about the restrictions that they have given you, and both times they explained why. I hate to say it, but that sounds like a pretty firm answer from Fiverr.

The only thing that you can do is work within those restrictions, and work to prove to Fiverr that you have learned to understand and abide by their rules. This issue is entirely in their hands.


I was wondering if anyone else has been in my position before. I mean is there any hope of me retrieving the levels upgrade?


Not to delegate, but for them to ask is considered spam. :slight_smile:


Personal Information means ?? where he/she works ,
or what??


Fiverr has already answered this question. Continuing to try and get a different answer out of us here on the forum will not yield any results… because we do not know. Talk to Fiverr, and be willing to accept the answer(s) that they choose to give you.


I’m sure there is in time. I’ve seen others on the forum who a year ago posted this same situation and now are at level 2.


Finally became level 1 today, after completing 70 or so orders. Thanks for your responses everyone.


Hey, nothing to worry about it. 34,000+ designs completed over 25,000+ orders and still at LEVEL 1? Even having 100% rating, that’s me:-)


nice answer


Reached level 2!