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Banner advertising on my tech blog


Are you want to extend your online business?

If Yes, then you are in right place. We offer custom banner advertising opportunities for our loyal customers.

Advertising is a great way to leverage your online business. Not only online presence but also advertising can easily sell your products.

Banner advertising is a great way to earn more money from your product and course.

This is also a great fun for you. You are spending little amount.But in return,you are getting lots of sales, traffic and online presence.

Now come to the main point. I have a famous technology blog named Talkandtalkers. I am writing on tech stuff here on daily basis. You can choose my blog for your products banner advertising.

Every month, i get 20k+ traffic for my website. Also,it has around 55k page views per month. Also this numbers are increasing day by day.

Banner size,price and duration:

Sidebar: 300250 5 days price: $5

125 8 days price: $5

In post: Beginning 46860 5 days price: $5

Middle 350
250 5 days price: $5

End of the post large rectangle 5 days price: $5

If your stuff is really interesting,then i can increase numbers of days only for u…


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