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Banning of Academic Writing

Why Fiverr has banned the academic writing forum? It is a big loss to thousands of academic writer not to be a part of such a big platform.

Because it is incredibly unethical to pay someone else to do your assignments for you, then claim the marks. If a student is ever found to do this, I imagine their school could rescind any qualifications gained from such assignments, as it was not their own work.

I’m glad they have banned it, as making money by providing work for someone to falsify their educational qualifications is unconscionable in my opinion.


But academic writing not only consist of doing assignment it also includes different sort of work like research papers. And if buyer is agree to put your name along with its own name… Then i don’t think there is something wrong in that

If you (or someone you love) got seriously ill, would you feel safe going to a doctor who had all of their academic work written by someone else?


it depend on person to person how much he or she is willing to do the work or what requirements he or she ask before commencing work. like what i prefer is all the research or survey completed by the buyer. I only give my words to their already done research or survey

And you would feel safe with a doctor who paid someone to write what they were supposed to write by themselves? You would trust them with your health, or with health of your child/sibling/parent?