📊 Honesty Poll - ☀ 2017


There are those who always has the urge to prove their point, and there those who do not.

Which one are you?

  • Yes, prove my Point of course!
  • Nah, I am OK with it…

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Why wont… i will try to prove my point as my point of views will be based on my experiences…


True but what if your point, which is based on your experiences (as YOU said), is not always right?
Because THAT is the point of it right? :thinking:


I used to be firmly in the ‘Yes, prove my point of course!’ camp, but now I’m all ‘Nah, I am OK with it…’ because if the person I’m talking to doesn’t get my point they’re not worth my time :wink:


I prove my point and stuff


and your point is?:smirk::smirk:


Nothing’s beautiful from every point of view. .Always ready to accept that i might be wrong too but then the one must have strong evidence to prove me wrong.


I always like to know both sides of the story, points can be expressed and don’t need to be ‘proved’ if they’re true!


We can always agree to disagree, but listening to the other side of the coin is coolio, too. :shaved_ice:


:heavy_dollar_sign:Gangsta’s Paradise… :dollar: :wink:


Uh huh, you know it! :sweat_smile:


Step right up!..


Guilty of bumping, but due to current affairs…