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Barely any clicks or impressions in one month

I had a pretty interesting question.
Why am I not getting orders?

Okay, first to start off. I’ve learned alot of marketing/promoting tips, and how to market your gig on social media platforms, and other websites. I’ve watched many videos, tips, and tricks for people to click on my gig. Yet I barely get any.

Second, I have one of the best deals there is against my competitors, I offer alot of things for a cheap price such as free vector, and free 3d mockup. Usually this stuff costs over 20$+ but I only offer the whole package for 10$.

So overall, I got 150 Impressions, and 19 clicks in 1 month…?

Any tips on how to get it higher. I have one of the best deals yet nobody seems to pay attention to it and the people who actually click on my gig, they don’t purchase it.
If you are curious, you can take a look at my gig here:

If you’re kind enough, please assist me on this.

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