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Bargaining can cost you

                                              BARGAINING: A LOSS TO BUYERS 

Ever wondered that bargaining can cost you? If not, here are some points that can make you question your knowledge so far about business strategies. At first it must be understood that “bargaining “and “negotiation “are completely different terms having different aims. Bargaining is mere for buyer’s sole profit, it is a selfish act. Negotiation aims to be profitable to both parties resulting in great revenues. That is why big companies tend to negotiate for collaborations all the time for mutual success. Whereas bargaining can be fatal for your business.
Sharing profit is the most common way to rise higher with your business. Paying your service provider the fair amount of money can build a trust and healthy bond which result in loyalty. Bargaining cause nuisance and cause discouragement among employees. Bargaining can never promise a quality service and also next time you might have to find some other service provider and thus has to compromise over quality. It’s a psychological fact that bargainer are never welcomed again by seller. Sellers tend to struck out the name of bargainer from potential customers. Moreover the more you invest in your business the more revenues you get. Investment ensures a quality service. A seller takes it as a responsibility to deliver a quality service if fair amount is provided .Being kind to sellers help in building trust which in turn can become some generous discounts with pleasure by seller. After all we all are human and “favouritism” is a trait.
So esteemed buyers, use famous tactics as used by MNCs to turn your small in home business to something the whole world will admire. Every big thing started with a fair step.
P.S – I’ve posted this in forum as I found out very professional freelancers are facing this problem of not getting fairly paid and people asking uncomfortable favors. And of course I haven’t discussed various details of the negative impact so if anyone like to discuss we can have it here. Please tell me about your views on this. Critical views of buyers are appreciated.
Thank you