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Bartering for gigs ordered?


Ok, so I have a customer wanting to place an order for 10 funny comments for pet t shirts. I offered to get this done tomorow(day off) for no addtl charge, however I did request two gigs to be ordered. Should I give in to get the sale at $5.




No, don’t give in :slight_smile: Unless you really wish to do the gig for less money.



I give you one simple question, how much is your time worth?

I know a lot of sellers here put stacks of time into delivering gigs here on Fiverr, myself know that 5 minutes of my time is worth $4.00 to me personally so 1 hour of my time is worth $48.00. If there are extras involved I treat those as a little bonus

It’s really up to you if your eager to grab a sale…




Reply to @ozzieuk: Thanks! the client did end up paying the two gigs for the order, I was grateful. I did, however OD in that I delivered next day instead of the week listed under my gig. I did not charge the express…I work and have a son and happened to have the day off…so it kind of workd :slight_smile:


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Thanks! I do look up to you and check out some of your completed gigs…just for a laugh. I really am hoping to eventually make this my primary income and work very limited hours at wal mart to keep my discount and dump most of my income there into 401k and stocks. right now that is what my mother would call a pipe dream ha ha…