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Base ExtraFast: Duration should be shorter than the original gig's duration

What does this means?
I’ve found this ERROR message in setting up my Gig; and when clicked on Save & Continue, I’ve received this in Requirements on the upper area in a red stripe.


What level are you?
New user: 7 gigs
Level 1 :15 gigs
Level 2: 20 gigs

If you exceed those I think you’ll get that message

If that’s not the case try save&preview>>Edit gig


Hello there…
If you are updating your gig Then sometimes you get this error in the top bar highlighted in red.
I received this message as well and I played about two hours for getting rid of that
and finally what works is
Instead of saving individual GIG tabs Save your changes with
SAVE and Preview button.
And you see the error message gone …
Have Fun…!


Thanks it worked :slight_smile: you saved my time…

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@magicclicks Thanks.

great thanks ,it worked for me <3

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so this is some kind a bug ? Thank You magicclicks

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Your problem is solved but you should know why this happen.
This error message display if you set your ‘gig delivery’ time and ‘extra fast delivery’ time same.
Extra fast delivery time should be less then what you set your normal gig delivery time duration.
For example If you set normal gig delivery time 5 days then extra fast delivery time should be 4 days or less.


That worked :smiley: thanks

I was in the descrption step, when I hit on save and preview then I check back my descrption which I wrote was not there

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I also have the same problem

thank you so really work .

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You are responding to a post from two years ago, on a thread that is three years old…

I know sir, but this really helps me alot. I think fiverr doesn’t fix this bug still.

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This is a really old post. The moderators don’t like to see old posts resurrected.

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Thank you so much, It worked for me.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


it’s worked :heart_eyes:

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This really saved my time… thanks!!

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Thank you for this, you really saved my time

Thnkuuuuuu​:heart::heart::heart::heart: so much