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Base price

can anyone tell me what is the base price for website development? I’m totally surprise seeing so many advertisement for a website development for $5(!) and most surprising is that uncounted heads are there for this fabulous job!

best wishes for all.

There is no set base price, each seller chooses. No one would have a genuine offer for a big job for $5. If you are seeing $5, that is probably for something like a simple landing page or a theme install. The price would go up as you add content, more pages, etc.

dear #fonthaunt
thank you very much for your cooperation. you are right in many perspective, but still many buyers demand a complete website for 5 buck!

They can demand and sellers can say “No, sorry.”

If every seller thinks positive, like you, then more qualified buyer will be here for their serious web projects.
Thank you very much dear #fonthaunt.